Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Appeal Of The Bitty Baby Dolls

The cute and cuddly Bitty Baby dolls have an appeal to younger children that fosters them to care and nurture for these infant dolls. Its purpose is to encourage and treasure good family relationship at a young age. The line was launched by the company American Girl and the dolls measure 15 inches with five different skin tones to choose from. The Bitty Baby dolls have soft bodies and come with difference eye and hair colors. The dolls were primarily designed for children aged 3 years and above. For new collectors, they can purchase an individual doll set which also comes with a book. Alternately, there is also a doll and starter collection kit which includes 13 pieces of accessories such as shoes, a knapsack, overalls, dress, bib, towel, pajamas, a book, and a bonnet. A collector can also acquire additional set of clothes which comes with accessories and an interactive book. The Bitty Baby dolls are good starter dolls for younger children in which they can then move on to the advance doll lines like the American Girl dolls or Our Generation dolls. Fun is always the target for the Bitty Baby dolls as they also come with their own Bitty Bears. These 5-inch tall plush bears are great addition to the Bitty Baby dolls which also come with their own family albums. Initially these bears came with their own outfits but these were discontinued. There were also other Bitty Animals that were added to the dolls accessories like the Bitty Bunny, Bitty Kitty, Bitty Ducky, Bitty Lambie, Bitty Piggy, Bitty Froggy, and the Bitty Doggie. However, the Bitty Bunch was retired in 2009 and only the Bitty Bear was left in this series. Bitty Bear even had a tea party set which was released in 2000 but was then retired in 2002. Nevertheless, the Bitty Baby dolls have furniture sets with price that ranges from $20 to $80. Some play furniture include baby’s crib and bedding, Bitty mealtime chair, changing table set, and Bitty Baby’s swing. And if that is not enough, the line came up with the Bitty Twins. The Bitty Twins series provides the option to choose the gender of the pair along with the option to select the hair color and skin tone. One can take home a set of twins with a book for $100 and still there is the Bitty Twins Starter Collection with 18 pieces of accessories for $180. The pair also comes with their own furniture sets and even a twin striped stroller. As their slogan says, Bitty Twins is “fun times two”.

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