Friday, November 25, 2011

The Third Girl Of The Year Doll – Marisol Luna

The American Girl Doll Company came up with their third Girl of the Year doll in 2005. Her name was Marisol Luna who is of Latin lineage. Her story started in Pilsen, Illinois where she lived with her parents in a Latin neighborhood until they moved out to Des Plaines. The story book for Marisol was authored by Gary Soto. Marisol was described as enthusiastic dancer who is just learning jazz, tap dancing, and ballet. Most of all she loves to dance the Mexican dance called the ballet folklorico. However, Marisol is just like any modern day kid who loves to experiment and infuse a mix of dance moves. The Marisol doll’s face was patterned after the Josefina mold. The doll skin is tan while her hair long and wavy brown. She also has a pair of light brown eyes and still with the signature smiling lips of the American Girl dolls. Her usual outfit is a purple top, pink tank top shirt, green cargo pants, Mary Jane shoes, a necklace with floral design, knitted cap and scarf. Unlike her predecessors, she has a number of collection sets which paved way for a separate starter collection. The Marisol doll was the first Girl of the Year doll to have a starter collection because of the number of clothing and accessories dedicated for the doll. But the story line in Marisol’s books was a bit controversial because it explained that her parents’ reason for moving from Pilsen to Des Plaines was because they find the old neighborhood dangerous. The residents in the area protested against the book’s content as it connotes a negative image for their community. This led the public relations team for the company to express their opinion that the context was misunderstood and that there were many reasons why Marisol’s parents decided to move out. Among their many reasons, they just want a yard and bigger place for Marisol to play. Nevertheless, the Marisol doll came with a lot of accessories and clothing to choose from. Her collection sets include the Marisol’s Jazz Outfit, Spotlight Stage and Tiara, Dance Duffle and Cat, and Performance Trunk. The Marisol starter collection was priced at $150 which came with the doll, paperback book, doll stand, dance duffle and cat, and the performance trunk. There is also an entire collection set that came after the release of the spotlight outfit and the spotlight stage and tiara which can be purchased at a price of $249.

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