Friday, November 25, 2011

The Story Of American Girl’s Cecile And Marie-Grace

The newest dolls added to American Girl doll company’s historical doll characters are Cecile and Marie-Grace. Their story is set in 1853 during the breakout of the yellow fever. Both girls were born rich to their respective families. Cecile Rey is the newest African American doll character that most doll collectors were looking forward after several years of waiting for another African American character. Marie-Grace Gardner on the other hand has a different family background from Cecile but over the course of the story they have become friends.
Each doll character has three separate books dedicated exclusively to them. So collecting their stories will involve 6 books in the series. The interesting shift in the creation of the books for these historical characters was observed by most American Girl Doll fanatics as the stories are now pointed out in the first person instead of the usual third person. It seems that it has been influenced by their “Girl of the Year” dolls’ story pattern. The “Girl of the Year” dolls are characters that are only available for one year before these are being retired. These characters’ stories also are written in the first person narrative and usually their stories are set in the modern era during the year which they are launched.
The story for both Cecile and Marie-Grace are set on New Orleans’ history instead of just focusing on the era that they belong. The story line that these character dolls belong to is the same as the Kirsten doll character. However, the Kirsten doll has already been archived but her books are still available for order. The story about these two girls are interesting as it shows that there are also well off African Americans during the era. It is also fascinating to read each of the girl’s historical background and how they manage to become friends despite their differences.
To complement the wonderful stories created for each girl, Mattel has also adequately created each doll’s clothing and accessories that perfectly match their historical period. The colorful setting which these two new characters belong to is one of the most defined eras in the history of New Orleans. Doll fanatics will surely be thrilled to see how their stories mesh especially that each doll has its own collection of books. The two new characters also have their own mini doll collectibles as well as the “Best Friends Collection” that includes their paperback books.

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