Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yasmin – The Aspiring Pop Star

Yasmin is the one of the fashion dolls created by MGA Entertainment which was introduced upon its release in 2001. Yasmin is one for the four pioneers in the Bratz doll collection. The three members that were launched at the same time for the franchise were Sasha, Cloe, and Jade. She and the rest of the characters were an instant hit with young girls that it outsold the sales of Mattel’s Barbie. Yasmin is a teenager doll character who loves to explore the trends and hot styles in fashion. Aside from her passion for fabulous fashion trends, she loves to do creative writing and even sing although she tends to feel a bit uneasy when on stage because of her shyness. Her friends also fondly call her Pretty Princess, and because she loves fashion, she likes to go out for bargain shopping and wear up-to-date styles and fads. Yasmin’s favorite colors are earth tones especially the shades of autumn. Just like any teenager, she likes to watch romantic comedies and books with colorful themes and happy endings. Interestingly, the doll character was named after the daughter of MGA Entertainment’s president, Isaac Larian. The doll comes with varying eye colors but these are usually in brown hues. In some episodes in the TV series, Yasmin’s eyes vary from colors blue, green, and orange but it typically appeared in dark brown. Her brown hair is long and curly with stylish bangs. Yasmin is also one of the teenagers who is health conscious and into fitness. Her favorite flavor for smoothie is apple. For music, she loves the Black-Eyed Peas especially the group members’ fashion taste. Nevertheless being the fashionista, her hair has already been seen to be in colors of black, blue, pink, and blonde. Her skin tone is in tan shade but the most distinguishable facial characteristic she has is the tiny beauty mark just right below her left eye. Because Yasmin is also known for her shyness, she comes out to be secretive and quiet most of the time. Despite this, her talent shows on stage and in her little nook for creative writing. Even with her shyness, she has a caring, considerate, and resourceful. But for a trendy chick like her, she still loves to take care of nature and she advocates for the protection of the environment. Since reading books with happy endings occupies her free time, Yasmin believes that if girls kiss a frog, it will turn into a charming prince. Perhaps it may also be the reason why her pet is a frog which is sporting a crown for its fashion statement.

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