Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl Of The Year Companion Doll Gwen Thompson

Another companion doll for “Girl of the Year” Chrissa Maxwell is Gwen Thompson. She is the quiet and shy blonde girl whom Chrissa befriended. Gwen does not have her own story book but she is a major character in Chrissa’s books entitled “Chrissa” and “Chrissa Stands Strong”. Gwen was defined as a strong character despite her shy nature. She and her mother had gone through a lot of trials from the start of the story.
Her father lost his job which forced them to live the hard life. They lost their home after they were not able to pay mortgage and soon after her father left them. They even tried living in their car until they found a homeless center which helped them get back on their feet. The Sunrise House helped them through tough times until they were able to get their own apartment. However, Gwen was not far away from other challenges in life when she met the “Queen Bees” in school. She was the subject of ridicule and bullying by the group of girls led composed of Tara, Jadyn, and Sonali.
But her fate changed when she was befriended by Chrissa. Sonali, on the other hand, felt bad about what Tara did to Gwen when she cut her hair to ridicule her even more. This even made Sonali rethink her association with the Queen Bees which eventually gotten her to leave them and make friends with Chrissa and Gwen. There are really great stories and lessons from these doll story books that children relate to. The great thing about companion dolls is that it forms an instant bond with children because of its association with the primary character which is the Girl of the Year doll.
The Gwen doll’s face mold is a classic mold and her skin tone is light. She comes with a long straight blonde hair with bangs and a pair of brown eyes. Her usual outfit is a sundress with white laces and floral design, white ponytail scrunchee, pink sandals, and a pink headband. Since this is the first time that a Girl of the Year doll came with companions, Chrissa did not have a Whole World collection set.
But the most interesting part about Gwen’s character was that her family background was the subject of scrutiny in 2009 by a New York Post columnist saying that her homelessness was an inappropriate political indoctrination. Although it has sparked several controversies as her story came out at the time of recession, the company stands on its ground of having the doll’s story to teach about the unhealthy effects of bullying.

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