Friday, November 25, 2011

The Second Girl Of The Year Doll

The Girl of the Year series may have a rough start with the Lindsey Bergman doll. Nevertheless, the release of the second Girl of the Year doll in 2003 led to better sales. Kailey Hopkins was only introduced two years after the Lindsey doll was launched. Kailey’s character is a beach loving who does body surfing in her spare time. Her hometown is in California where she and her father frequent a local restaurant by the beach. She wears a braided long blonde hair with brown highlights. The story line in her book was focused on saving the local community’s tide pools when a new development was rumored to be built. On her books, Kailey is described as an athletic girl who wears an aqua colored sundress and a pair of beach sandals. The Kailey Hopkins doll’s face mold is a classic mold and its skin color is Caucasian. She also has a pair of brown eyes and comes with her own accessory set which include necklace, bracelet, anklet, faux seashells and starfish, Frisbee, paperback book, and a bag. The Kailey accessory and outfit collection was available for purchase at that time. These items were also separately sold: 1) Kailey’s Snorkel Set – The set comes with an underwater camera with sticker film, mask, fins, and a snorkel. 2) Boogie Board – It comes with a purple board sleeves, boogie board with wrist leash, and a lip balm contained in a board wax jar. 3) Paperback story book – This was written by Amy Goldman Koss. 4) Kailey’s Beach Towel 5) Sandy the Dog 6) Wet Suit and Bikini Kailey and her collections were only available for a year from summer of 2003 until July 2004. Today, her collection has been archived. All of her accessories, clothing, and doll sets are no longer available except for her story books although there is still the secondary market for those who want to add Kailey’s items in their collections. The Kailey doll collection does not contain a lot of items compared to the more recent Girl of The Year dolls. However, American Girl doll collectors are searching for these hard to find retired items. There are around a third of a quarter retired items of the American Girl doll products which include the dolls, the outfits, furniture pieces, and doll accessories. The only venues where doll collectors and enthusiasts would find the archived items are in eBay and other gift shops online.

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