Saturday, November 26, 2011

Katia – The Russian Doll

In 2005, MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer of Bratz dolls, introduced the Katia doll character. She is given the nickname Flirty Turtle and her back story is that she is of Russian heritage. The doll’s appearance come with a long and straight dark brown hair with black highlights, light skin tone, and green eyes. She was first introduced as a Holiday doll in 2005 and then she was also included in the Genie Magic Doll Collection. Katia was called Flirty Turtle after she learned to express herself after being with the other Bratz girls. She is a character who loves to gain more knowledge that is why she always read the newspaper and documentaries to keep her updated about the happenings around. In school, it seems Iike her passion for learning is unlimited. She likes to attend classes and absorb more information. At home, Katia owns a turtle and a cat. She also likes the number 5 and considers it as her lucky number. For her favorite color, she likes the color of plum. But her most favorite food and beverage are olives and passion fruit smoothie. She also has an exquisite fashion taste since she likes anything that is luxurious and rich in colors such as the Bohemian style and exotic clothing. This is also one reason why she can easily go along with the other Bratz characters who love shopping. Her character also appeared in the Bratz video games and she was voiced by Tara Strong in the television series. Anyone who is interested in collecting the Katia doll and accessories can check for these doll series: 1) Genie Magic Bottle with Katia (2006) 2) Bratz Holiday Doll Katia – Special Collector’s Edition (2005) 3) Genie Magic Fortune Teller - Styling Torso (2006) 4) Play Sportz Teamz (2006) 5) Bratz Class (2006) – exclusively available in Europe & Australia only 6) Forever Diamondz Design (2006) 7) Hollywood Style (2006) 8) Play Sportz 4 (2006) 9) Magic Make-Up (2007) 10) Bratz Magic Make-Up Salon with Katia (2007) 11) Play Sportz (2008) For the other Katia doll series, you may also check the Katia Bratz baby and Katia as a kid. She also appeared in the video game entitled Forever Diamondz. In the movies, Tara Strong lent her voice for the doll character on both Genie Magic and Desert Jewelz. Anyone who is interested in collecting her play sets can still check online auctions and toy shops where her doll and accessories are still readily available.

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