Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl Of The Year Doll For 2011

American Girl doll’s “Girl of the Year” for 2011 is named Kanani Akina. Her story starts in her native island in Hawaii which is Kauai. Her family owns a local shaved ice shop . She is usually seen here helping her family run the business. Just like most of the GOTY dolls, Kanina also loves nature and is active in helping preserve the wildlife. She also takes care of her pets Barksee (dog), Mochi (goat), and Jinx (rooster). Kanani is just like doll Jess Akiko McConnell who is of multi-racial descent. Kanani’s dad is of Hawaiian and Japanese descent while her mom is of French and German descent.
She is the second GOTY doll who is multi-racial and is the fourth character of color as of 2011. The other GOTY doll characters who are of color are Marisol Luna, Jess Akiko McConnell, and Sonali Matthews. Interestingly, the doll face mold that was used for Kanani is the Jess doll mold. Her skin tone is medium brown while her long light brown hair has spiral curls. The doll is also designed with a pair of hazel eyes and feathery brown eyebrows. Her usual outfit is a blue sleeveless floral dress accessorized with a long kukui nut necklace, a pair of sandals, and a pink hibiscus hair clip.
The paperback books written for Kanani were authored by Lisa Yee and these were entitled “Aloha, Kanani” and “Good Job, Kanani. Her books narrated a story about her cousin Rachel who lives in New York and how they were separated for a long time for about four years. Since the Kanina doll series has just been released this year, get hold of dolls and accessories up until the end of the year. Check out her fancy collection sets:
1) Kanani’s Accessories
2) Monk Seal
3) Lounge Chair Set
4) Paddleboard Set
5) Shaved Ice Stand
6) Ukelele Set
1) Aloha Outfit
2) Beach Outfit
3) Luau Set
4) Party Outfit
5) Pajamas
Unlike her predecessor Lanie, Kanani comes with a Whole World Collection for an extra $300 on the starter collection’s cost. The whole world collection already comes with all her outfits and accessories are included. Her starter collection which costs $179 includes the two paperback books, the Kanani doll, beach outfit, Kanani accessories, and the paddleboard set. Anyone can get hold of her collection sets

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