Friday, November 25, 2011

The Girl Of The Year Doll Of 2010

American Girl Doll’s “Girl of the Year” for 2010 was Lanie Holland. Based on the paperback books written by Jane Kurtz, Lanie lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her parents and two sisters, Angela and Emily. Lanie is the middle child and she has a long blonde curly hair with a pair of hazel colored eyes. The doll’s face mold is patterned after American Girl Doll’s classic mold and it has a light colored skin tone. Her usual outfit is a striped green and blue tennis dress and a two-string blue headband with a yellow dragonfly insignia. For her shoes, she wears a pair of white and blue canvas shoes.
Lanie is described as an environmentalist who loves nature and her favorite subject in school is science. She hopes to be a great scientist someday who would explore the rainforests in Asia. She even keeps a journal with all the scientific terminologies she has just learned. She loves to go out camping and be more with nature but her family would rather stay at home. However when her aunt Hannah visited her, she learned great adventures with nature can be found right at their own backyard.
From the first book, it was also narrated that Lanie’s best friend is Dakota who is camping in a rainforest with her parents in Indonesia. Just like Lanie, Dakota loves nature and she is traveling with her parents to save the orangutans. The books for the doll were named “Lanie” and “Lanie’s Real Adventures” which are nicely structured to tell Lanie’s adventures in saving the natural habitat. Those who are interested to collect the Lanie doll and her outfits and accessories, here is a list of her things:

Doll Accessories:
1) Lanie’s Accessories
2) Camper and Gear
3) Wildlife Set
4) Nature Set
5) Raccoon and Can Set
6) Hammock Set

1) Butterfly Outfit – comes with a red dress and an orange long-sleeved cardigan with a dragonfly insignia.
2) Red Tee Set – This red shirt set is printed with the words National Wildlife Federation and a silhouette of a young girl surrounded by butterflies.
3) White Tee Set – The shirt is printed with the message “Be kind to the Earth”.
4) Nightgown and Orangutan – Costs $28 when it came out, the set comes with the doll in her blue dress and green slippers with an orange orangutan.
5) Nature Outfit – Comes with a blue Capri and yellow printed shirt.
6) Garden Outfit – Comes with a blue plaid tank top with white shorts.
7) Green Tee Outfit – This is a green shirt set that is printed with the words “Nature Girl”.
8) Blue Tee Outfit – This is printed with the silhouette of birds in front of some flowers.

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