Friday, November 25, 2011

The Mystery Books For The Adventurous Young Girls

The American Girl Doll Company has been known not only for their dolls but also for the books that accompany their character dolls. Most of the books depict the back story of the character so that children will know their dolls better as well as learning the values that are embedded in the stories. For the historical doll characters, their books introduce children to the rich American History and the different adventures and tribulations each character has to go through during those times. On the other hand, the Girl of the Year doll characters’ stories are set in modern day America. The modern girl dolls’ fictional stories are creatively done by different authors. Each story carefully touches on modern day issues concerning children and their families as well as the many problems in our modern society. However, the American Girl bookstore also has a collection of mystery books which is a great alternative to the classic Nancy Drew books. Here are some of the mystery books from the American Girl dolls: 1) The Silver Guitar: A Julie Mystery – This follows the story of Julie and her friend TJ. Julie is set to discover TJ’s secret while in the midst of lending a hand for the sea birds of San Francisco during an oil spill that affected their habitat. 2) The Light in the Cellar: A molly Mystery – This book is written by Sarah Masters Buckey who is a two-time Agatha Award nominee. The story leads to the discovery of something mysterious that is happening in Oak Knoll Hospital which is the establishment that Molly and Emily is volunteering as magazine delivery girls during World War II. 3) A Spy on the Home Front – The story follows Molly’s search for clues about the trouble her aunt unknowingly brought to their home front in the time of war. There is also a “Looking Back” section at the end of the story that has some interesting historical facts during the era. 4) A Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery – This book is also written by Sarah Masters Buckey and it uncovers the mystery about the behind the scenes drama of some famous stars while Kit and Stirling are doing volunteer work at a local theater company. 5) Secrets of Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery – The story follows Rebecca’s discovery of a mystery at a summer camp. Rebecca soon finds out what her bunkmate is hiding as a girl goes missing in the camp.

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