Friday, November 25, 2011

The New Online Destination For Young Girls

There is a new place online where young girls will surely find fun and entertainment along with their favorite American Girl dolls. The Innerstar University is where you can enroll your kids and explore this virtual world which is accessible upon purchasing a new “My American Girl” doll. Young girls can create their own dolls and enroll in the university to learn new things and discover fun activities at the comfort of their homes. The Innerstar University is a virtual campus where children can join games and rewarding activities which will teach them several useful values in life such as self confidence and proper ethics.
The company promises parents that their kids’ registration in the university does not collect and share important information about its young members. Communication is also done through pre-scripted email correspondence. The registration for the virtual university is open for girls 8 years of age and above. Parents and children who are interested about joining the online community of playful kids can check the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website to fully get a grasp of how this facility works.
Each child that is enrolled in the university has her own student number. All you need to do to sign up is get hold of your doll’s star code which allows you full access to the site. There is also a preview access where you can initially tour the place and check for its features. Some of the university’s activities are games, projects, awards and recognition, making friends, room decoration, and many others. Children can participate in projects and check out its activities and schedule to complete a certain assignment.
For those who also want to expand their doll collection, there are sections in the virtual community where kids can purchase their favorite dolls and accessories with parents’ guidance. Remember to check the rules and the FAQ section before establishing an account. One reminder is that you cannot delete and start over your doll account once you have completed the enrollment. Should you wish not to play with it anymore, you can just simply not login into the account and go back to it whenever you choose.
Once you are enrolled with a start code, the member will have full access to the facilities. There are other access rights such as the preview access and the visitor access. The visitor access is done with a code distributed through marketing campaigns for young girls to play in the online doll university but only for a limited time.

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