Saturday, November 26, 2011

May Lin – A Rare Find

The doll which closely resembles the Jade doll is May Lin. This is one of the most sought after doll among the Bratz doll collection because it was only produced once and then discontinued thereafter. It was part of the Toys R Us exclusive set in 2004 called the Bratz World Tokyo A Go-Go Kimono Dolls which was supposed to be a Japan collector set. The collection came with Kumi which was also a Toys R’ Us exclusive while the third character was Tiana which was exclusive to Target. However, this is the first and last appearance of May Lin due to some issues regarding her name. Apparently, the marketed name May Lin originates from a commonly used Chinese name Meilin. The problem is that the doll was launched in a Japanese collection. It was then discontinued due the cultural clash between the Chinese name and the Japanese character it was trying to portray. Some believe that it was offensive due to the cultural inaccuracy. Yet the character still appeared on the Bratz website around late 2006 in which it was among the characters in the selection for holiday e-cards. It then appeared again in the 2007 Bratz annual up until the Bratz Ice-Champions series but it was never again produced as a doll. May Lin was characterized as a Japanese girl with long black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin tone. There is really not much information about May Lin’s character as there was not a back story to support her type of personality. But due to the discontinuance of the doll, it is currently sold in the internet for an average price of $90 and can fetch as much as $245. Collectors are after this doll because there is no chance that this doll character will ever be reintroduced. There had already been other Asian characters that were introduced by MGA Entertainment with a more accurate cultural background. Although collectors of the May Lin doll may have to just guess the story behind May Lin as there are no information as to her fashion style, favorite color, books, music, and movies. Due to the lack of information and the limited numbers of this doll character, there are more serious Bratz doll collectors who are after a mint condition May Lin Bratz doll. However, just careful in scrutinizing dolls without its original boxes as some Asian dolls could be mistaken for May Lin since these just closely resembles each other. Perhaps the mold is just the same and it may vary only a teensy bit with their make-up and costume.

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