Friday, November 25, 2011

The Bitty Baby Dolls And Its Charm

The Bitty Baby series of the American Girl Doll Company has been launched in 1995 as an all baby girl edition unlike its predecessor which was the “Our New Baby”. The Bitty Baby dolls came with their own Bitty Bears who are also the stars of their own books. The dolls were also marketed according to their skin tones and not by racial description. The baby doll characters are made with a molded painted hair. The Bitty Baby has been marketed as a one-year old child that young girls will care for. The dolls were also launched without specific names given to them which are similar to the “Just Like You” dolls. Kids can also choose the hair, skin, and eye color combinations among the seven colors available for each feature. A doll and book set is available at a price of $48 while the Doll and Starter Collection set costs $118 which already includes 13 pieces of doll accessories and clothing. The Doll and Starter Collection comes with a pink paisley sleeper, hat with knitted lace accents, soft cloth diaper, knit shoes with ruffles, sleeveless dress, polka dot-shirt, toy milk bottle, knee-length bloomers, soft knit blanket, plaid backpack, a plush Bitty Bear, Bitty Baby memory book, polka-dot bib. With the starter collection, children will have more items to play with for their Bitty Baby and Bitty Bear. But those who are also looking for more of the baby doll’s accessories and clothing, there is a wide selection of clothing and outfit sets with prices ranging from $20 to $70. You may choose some accessory sets for more fun during playtime: 1) Bitty’s Travel Set – This is a baby carriage for the Bitty Baby. 2) Bitty’s Diaper Bag Set – The set comes with a fully lined diaper bag, changing pad, toy baby wipes box, three flannel diapers, and a toy baby bottle. 3) Bitty Mealtime Chair – This is a plastic high chair with removable snap-on tray and a lap belt to keep Bitty Baby safely in place. 4) Baby’s Bath Set – This colorful bath set keeps Bitty Baby clean which comes with a lion design bath mitt and some bath toys. 5) Bitty Better Kit – For taking care of your Bitty Baby, this kit comes with a toy stethoscope with realistic heartbeat sounds, toy scope, toy syringe, faux thermometer, two bandages, and a carry-on embroidered bag. 6) Baby’s Crib and Bedding – This soft cushion crib comes with soft bedding and mattress and a pull-out drawer.

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