Saturday, November 26, 2011

Roxxi – The Spice Twin

There had been a lot of doll characters that were introduced by MGA Entertainment for the Bratz doll line. Since the company wants to make their doll characters varied as with regard to their personalities and fashion styles, MGA introduced the twins Phoebe and Roxxi. Despite their identical appearance Roxxi is the opposite of Phoebe in terms of personality and character. Phoebe calls her twin “Spice” as she always adds some spice to any scenario. She is also even regarded as the bad twin. Nevertheless, Roxxi is still a friendly character who loves fashion and is always ready to try new things. She remarkably resembles her twin Phoebe except that her beauty mark is on her lower lip while Phoebe has one on her upper lip. The twins are of Italian and Mexican lineage and Roxxi’s hair is auburn with black streaks and her eyes are seen to be with either green or violet at times. Her skin tone is also light. Because Roxxi loves adventure, her kinds of movies are also the action and adventure genre. For her books, she likes to thrillers which add some suspense to her reading. Being tagged as the “Spice”, her favorite color is fire-engine red. Another interesting fact about her is that she has a pet duck which is colored red yet accessorized with a pair of pointy horns. Aside from this, her type of music is punk rock and she may really have a special liking to music since it is also her favorite subject in school. But when she her stomach grumbles after a great deal of activities and adventure, she likes to munch on big and delectable hamburgers paired with raspberry smoothie. For her fashion styles, this punk rock loving gal likes to wear red hot outfits of leather and denim. So anything that is associated to punk rock and thrill makes her day right. Despite her strong attitude and a bit naughty type of character, Roxxi is a go-getter and will find new and fun ways to spend her adventures with her friends. The twin’s first appearance was in 2004 and for those who would like to collect the twins play sets and accessories, check this list of products manufactured for Roxxi: 1) Bratz Twins 1st Edition (2004) 2) Bratz Treasures (2005) 3) Bratz Play Sportz (2005) 4) Bratz Rock Angelz Concert Stage with Roxxi (2005) – This is a playset. 5) Princess (2006) 6) Play Sportz Teamz (2006) 7) Winter Girlz (2006 & 2007) 8) Midnight Dance Leah and Roxxi (2006) – cancelled dolls 9) First Edition Rock Angelz Styling Torsos

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