Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meygan – The Adventurous Funky Fashionista

Another doll character that was introduced by MGA Entertainment is Meygan. She is the type of gal who is in search for new adventures. She also loves to discover new things at home or even during her travels. Her passion for fashion has earned her the nickname “Funky Fashion Monkey”. Her character is distinguished by her hair which is in varying shades of red. But her character was seen in brown hair for the Sportz Teamz Tennis Meygan and then the earlier versions of Meygan came with a blonde hair due to a manufacturing error. But the doll is constantly in light skin tone. Interestingly, Meygan was the first additional character to the four original Bratz dolls that was composed of the characters Jade, Cloe, Yasmin, and Sasha. She was supposed to be discontinued until she was manufactured again due to the demand of her fan base. The doll was also supposedly named Kayla but was changed due to a trademark that was owned by Mattel. In the television series, the character’s voice was by Jianna Ballard. Her character was also included in the video games entitled Rock Angelz and Starrin’ and Stylin’. In the television episodes, she is seen as a kid in the Sleepover Adventure. Meygan’s favorite color is cinnamon and for movies she loves animated films and then spy novels for her reading. Her favorite beverage is peach smoothie and for food, she likes almost anything right off the grill. Nevertheless, she likes to burn calories doing yoga after school. You can also see her listening to classical music. Her outfit s is creative yet stylish as she likes to include touches of animal prints and exotic designs on a simple outfit. During her travels, she likes to shop for new styles from different countries. Anyone who would like to start a Meygan doll collection, you can search for these lines: 1) Bratz X-Press It! (2002) 2) Bratz Funk N’ Glow (2002) 3) Funky Fashion Makeover Second edition - Styling Heads (2003) 4) Bratz Slumber Party First Edition Release (2003) 5) Bratz Wild Life Safari (2004) – This is her comeback collection after she was retired for a short period. 6) Bratz World Destination 2: London (2005) 7) Pretty 'N' Punk - Styling Heads (2005) 8) Bratz Head Gamez (2005) 9) Bratz Rock Angelz Fan Club Prez Meygan (K-Mart exclusive 2005) 10) Bratz Midnight Dance (2005) 11) Bratz Wild Wild West (2005) – This is an exclusive gift set with a toy white horse included. 12) Genie Magic (2006) – It comes in a bottle set. 13) Hollywood Style (2006) 14) Birthday (2007) 15) Girls Ice Hockey (2007)

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