Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Dolls Of Eugenia Doll Company

There has not been much information about the exact dates when Eugenia Doll Company was established but based on the earliest doll known to be produced by the company, it could have been established around the 1930’s and ceased operations around the 1950’s. Doll experts believe that the company may have just purchased dolls and doll parts from other doll makers and were later on redressed and repackaged by Eugenia Doll. The first few batches from the company were made of composition while the later batches were already made of plastic. Most of the dolls though were unmarked although the doll’s clothing had a tag printed with Eugenia. A well-known doll designer, Irene Szor, started her career with Eugenia Doll in 1947 before she joined Sayco Doll Company after Eugenia Doll went bankrupt. Here are some of the Eugenia dolls that had been introduced to the market from the 1930’s to 1950’s: 1) Johnnie (1938) – This 10-inch tall child doll was made of all composition with jointed body, molded painted hair, and sleep eyes. Johnnie’s twin was named Janie and they were sold as a set. Their sizes come in 10, 12, and 14 inches. 2) Juliette Bride Doll (1946-1949) – The all composition 18-inch tall doll had jointed body, mohair wig, blue sleep eyes, real upper lashes and painted lower lashes, and was dressed in a wedding gown. Experts believe that the doll body came from the Arranbee Dolls. 3) New Baby Beloved (1948) – This all composition doll stands 7 inches tall and had painted side glancing eyes with painted upper lashes. It had painted molded hair and it’s jointed at the shoulders and neck. The doll also had a pair of molded blue shoes and wore a molded Union suit. The doll was marked with Eugenia/Doll and was akin to the Hebee and Shebee dolls of Horsman. 4) Personality Pla-Mate Dolls (1948) – The doll measured 15 to 16 inches and had an all composition jointed body. It also had an auburn mohair wig, sleep eyes, closed painted mouth, and a pug-like nose. The character of this doll series which were made of composition were Kathy or Kathryn, Sandy or Sandra, Bobbie or Roberta. The characters which were made with plastic were Carol or Carolyn (18 inches) and Babs or Barbara (20 inches). 5) Pam the Perm-O-Wave Doll (1948) – This 14-inch doll was made of hard plastic with a human hair wig and the doll was accessorized with Perm-O-Wave curlers. 6) Juliette (1950’s) – The doll was made of hard plastic and stood 17 to 21 inches tall with sleep eyes and rooted blonde curly hair. The doll was also dressed in a bridal gown.

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  1. I have a Carolyn 18" doll that was just returned to me after about 40 years. She needs to be restrung, which I think I can handle myself. Her wig is a bit thin, nearly bald at the back. Any idea where I might find a new wig for her?