Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phoebe – The Sweet Twin

The other twin that was introduced by MGA Entertainment in 2004 is Phoebe. She and Roxxi were the first pair of twins that was launched by the company and they are identical. Although their facial features are identical, they differ in so many ways. Phoebe’s facial beauty mark is found above the right side of her lips while Roxxi’s is on the lower left of her kips. Apparently, she is called the good twin and she is also nicknamed as Sugar because of her sweet and calm personality. Her hair is just like Roxxi’s which is auburn with black streaks although sometimes, Roxie’s hair is microbeaded. Her skin tone is also light while her eyes are typically blue although these were also seen in violet and green. She is quite the opposite of her twin sister as she is sensitive about other people’s feelings. And because of her thoughtful nature, Roxxi and her friends would ask for Phoebe’s advice. Perhaps another reason why she gets to give good advices to her friends is that she likes reading self-help books. Phoebe’s favorite color is pink and she never gets left behind in terms of fashion taste. She loves searching for fab fashion finds in some quaint boutiques. Her fashion taste falls right into the fluffy and heavenly soft looks. For movies, she likes the romance genre and she goes for love songs when it comes to her type of music. And just fitting for her nickname “Sugar”, she loves indulging on chocolates and sipping her favorite orange smoothie. Her pet is also a duck but hers is a pink one that is accessorized with a halo which is definitely the opposite of her twin sister Roxie’s duck. Collectors can find some play sets and Bratz doll series in which Phoebe appears. Here are some of the series where you can find Phoebe a.k.a Sugar: 1) Bratz Twins First Edition (2004) 2) Bratz I-Candy (2005) 3) Bratz Hollywood Style (2005) 4) Bratz Camp Fire (2005) 5) Bratz Birthday Bash (2005) 6) Play Sportz 3 (2006) – Softball Phoebe 7) Back to School (2006) 8) Hollywood Style (2006) 9) Winter Girlz (2006) 10) Sweet Heart (2007) 11) Girlfriendz Nite Out (2007) There are also Phoebe play sets such as the Bratz Kidz Sleep-Over Super Secret Lotion-Making Bathroom with Phoebe Doll. Collectors can only find the twins together in the first set that was launched in 2004 which is the Bratz Twins First Edition. They usually do not come together in the other series that were launched after the 2004 twin set.

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