Friday, November 25, 2011

Mia St. Clair Of The Girl Of The Year Dolls

A lot of young girls and doll fanatics found Mia St. Clair as a great addition to the “Girl of the Year” series of the American Girl Doll Company. Mia was the sixth GOTY doll which was released in 2008. Just like Nicki, the doll character that preceded her, Mia also has two books created for her which were authored by Laurence Yep. The first book was entitled “Mia” while the second book was named “Bravo, Mia!” The Mia doll’s face mold took the classic mold of the American Girl dolls. The doll skin is light and she has some freckles across her nose. Mia’s long light red hair is a layered with a French braid on the right side. Her hazel eyes add warmth to her overall look which is just a great contrast to her hobby which is ice skating. In the paperback books, Mia is the only girl among four siblings and she is also the youngest in the family. The St. Clair family lives in upstate New York. Her brothers (Perry, Skip, and Rick) share the same passion with her on the ice skating rink except that they love hockey and Mia focuses on being a good figure skater. The books narrated her struggles on becoming a great figure skater with the help of her talented friend Anya. Mia’s typical outfit is a magenta long-sleeved sweater with a big snowflake print on the side, a sequined and embroidered grey skirt, pink tights, and a pair of high-cut blue sneakers. Her outfit and accessories are extensive and varied that collectors and children have been so fascinated by its designs. Here is a list of outfits and accessories included in the Mia collection: 1) Mia’s Purple Ice Skates 2) Bedroom Furniture 3) Bedroom Accessories 4) Hair Clips and Case 5) Ice Rink 6) Mia’s Practice Outfit 7) Two-in-One Skate Outfit 8) Pajama Set 9) Silver Skate Dress 10) Performance Outfit The Mia starter collection which costs $168 when it was launched included Mia’s accessories, purple ice skates, 2-in-1 skate outfit, practice outfit, and 2 paperback books. When the hair clips and case and silver dress came out, the whole Mia collection sets were available for price of $459. The colorful and fabulous items in the collection made the character more interesting to collect and more fun to play with. However, the Mia collection was only available for purchase until December 2008 and currently it has been retired.

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