Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl Of The Year Companion Doll Sonali Matthews

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Launched in 2009, American Girl doll company came up with the character Chrissa Maxwell. She was the Girl of the year doll who came with companion dolls named Sonali Matthews and Gwen Thompson. From the start of the story, Sonali was part of the school’s “Queen Bees” which were known to be mean to their classmates. She was friends with Tara and Jadyn originally until Tara intentional cuts off Gwen’s bangs. She was disappointed about what Tara’s mistreatment against Gwen and Chrissa that around the end of the first book she sided with them and she became their friend.
Sonali’s maternal grandparents are from India which explains her multi-racial qualities. The doll’s face mold was originally made for her and her skin tone is dark. She also comes with a long wavy black hair and a pair of dark brown eyes. Sonali’s usual outfit is a knitted tunic above a light green tee shirt, denim pants, and a pair of blue ballet shoes. The Sonali dolls is already part of the Chrissa Maxwell collection and her story is still found in Chrissa’s two paperback books.
The character comes from a well-off family which was also depicted to have two older sisters who are in college. Her mother is a realtor who initially did not like her daughter being with the Queen Bees because of their unfriendly characters and mischievous deeds. She was even grounded from the start because of stealing something from Chrissa. Her mother started only liking her activities in school when she became friends with Chrissa and Gwen.
Sonali has a pet dog named Tofu which was described as to like biting on toilet papers. She is also with the swim team just like Chrissa and she also likes being with the diving team. The Sonali doll may not have her own collection sets but she is part of Chrissa’s collection. Since the Chrissa doll came with a movie, Sonali was also a major character in the movie and was portrayed almost exactly as what is in the books. Although she was seen in the movies about caring less for Gwen when the Queen Bees were bullying her, nevertheless, she was portrayed to have change her behavior after she saw Chrissa befriending Gwen. Truly, the doll characters have their own stories to tell and Sonali is just part of Chrissa Maxwell’s character collection set and makes her story more interesting.

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