Friday, November 25, 2011

The Bitty Twins Collection

The American Girl doll company launched the Bitty Twins in 2003 and initially came in as a boy and girl twins. It is designed to be older than the Bitty Baby although most of its doll structure is the same with the Bitty Babies. The original Bitty Twins that was marketed at that time was a blond girl and a blond boy wearing their respective pink and blue moon and stars sleepers. The twin boy had a close mouth while the twin girl had an open mouth. In 2004, the Bitty Twins were still marketed as a boy and girl set but this time the twins were brunette. The only difference was that the boy had an open mouth while the twin girl had a closed mouth. Yet in 2006, the doll set was relaunched with a different overall look. Instead of diapers, the twins now had training pants under a new set of clothing. The twin girl now had a longer hairstyle with bangs while the boy still retained its usual cut. At this time, buyers can now choose the pairs they want with more ease and customization. Buyers are able to purchase all girl twins or all boys twins with denim type of clothing. The twins’ clothing was no longer sold in sets and so collectors can buy any piece of clothing for one doll instead of having it in pairs like before. Another change was the creation of a starter collection kit for the Bitty twins that include accessories such as a twin stroller and an extra pair of clothing. There are now more choices of mixing and matching twins and they do not have to be of the same skin or hair color. This freedom of choosing the twins made it more interesting to collect as girls can opt to play with their favorite characters without purchasing then in a set of same skin and hair colors or a set of opposite genders. Today, the Bitty Twins plus book set includes two dolls and two outfits with a book which costs $ 100. Those who want a Bitty Twins Starter Collection can purchase it for $ 180 which already comes with 16 pieces that include a choice of two Bitty Twin dolls, a book, twin rolling carrier, argyle outfit for each, two training diapers, zip-front vest, hoodie sweatshirt, striped tee, snack container, toy cellphone, and a key toy.

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