Friday, November 25, 2011

Jess McConnell – The Fourth Girl Of The Year Doll

Launched in 2006, the fourth doll character in the “Girl of the Year” series of the American Girl Doll Company was named Jess Akiko McConnell. She was the 10-year old daughter of both archaeologist parents who travel a lot for their profession. Her mother is of Japanese lineage while her father is of Irish and Scottish descent. She is considered as the first biracial doll character in the series. Jess also has an older sister named Heather and an older brother named Jason. She is considered as the baby of the family and her best friend is a Mayan girl named Sarita Bol whom she befriended on their trip to Belize. In the book, Jess is a homeschooled young girl who goes with her parents to an archaeological site in Belize. She is in fourth grade but she typically submits her assignments online. She seems to be disinterested about archaeology but ironically she loves to know more about the lives of the Mayan people. Jess is also described as an athletic and outgoing person who loves adventure. She also likes to play the guitar and play soccer for sports. Together with Sarita, they have a pet baby parrot that they called Pippi. Through the course of the story during their tour in Belize, Sarita and Jess discovered a hidden treasure underground. Her book dwelt on this adventure which takes the two young girls to a great discovery about history. The Jess doll has her own face mold and her skin is light. Her hair is dark brown with subtle red highlights. She also has a pair of dark brown eyes and feathered eyebrows. Jess’ usual outfit is an orange top, tie-dye pink and orange skirt, and a pair of sandals. She also has a collection of other accessories and cute outfits: 1) Jess’ Pajamas 2) Two In One Kayaking Outfit 3) Travel Accessories 4) Kayak and Gear 5) Tree Swing 6) Motor Scooter and Helmet Jess also has a starter collection that comes with the doll, a paperback book, travel accessories, two in one kayaking outfit, and the kayak and gear which costs $150 for the whole collection. The Jess motor scooter and helmet set was also released which prompted the company to offer the Jess’ entire collection for only $ 265. The Jess collection set consisted of a whole lot of accessories and clothing for children to play. Collectors also find the entire collection set as interesting as the storyline in the book.

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