Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl Of The Year Doll’s Nicki Fleming

The fifth addition to the American Girl‘s the “Girl of the Year” dolls was named Nicki Fleming and she was launched in 2007. Just like any other doll character in the series, Nicki is a ten-year old modern day young girl who shares her adventures on a paperback book. She lives with her parents in their hometown just outside Denver, Colorado. The Fleming family lives in a piece of land where they have a ranch. The family earns a living raising pigs for slaughter and they also raise horses as their ranch buddies. Nicki has a younger brother named Adam and her mother is also expecting twins. Since they are living a long distance away from school, she and Adam are the first ones the bus driver has to pick up in the morning and the last ones to drop after school. Nicki has a pet dog named Sprocket and she has taken over his training when her mother knew of her pregnancy. According to the two paperback books authored by Ann Howard Creel, Nicki is a compassionate and artistic kid who loves her family and takes good care of her pets. Nicki was in fact the first Girl of the Year doll to have two books made to tell her stories. She is also known to be a good skier and a physically active gal. After her mother gave birth to the twins, she was asked by her mother to name them. And so she gave the twins the name Kristine and Rebecca. For the Nicki doll’s features, the doll was patterned after the classic mold of the American Girl dolls. Her skin is Caucasian and some freckles can be seen across her nose and a bit above the cheeks. Nicki has a pair of blue eyes and she has a long and curly light brown hair. Nicki’s usual outfit is a blue wrap skirt and a white long sleeves blouse with eyelet design. She also wears a brown belt around her waist which is matched with her pair of brown cowgirl boots. Since Nicki is a bit more adventurous and sporty than the others, she has a good collection of outfits and accessories. Some of these are: 1) Ranch Outfit 2) Gala Outfit 3) Ski Wear 4) Tie Top and Shorts 5) Straw Hat 6) Dog-in-Training for Sprocket 7) Jackson’s Tack Box 8) Nicki’s Ski Gear 9) Jackson the Horse Nicki’s entire collection can be bought as a set for a price of $325. However, this doll set has already been archived and is only available in the second market.

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