Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Archived Collectible – Lindsey Bergman Of American Girl

Mattel came up with their first “Girl of Year” doll in 2001.  The dolls in the series were only to be available for a year from the day it was released.  The first doll was named Lindsey Bergman and she was retired in 2002.  The doll also came with her book which narrates her adventure and fun personality.  The book was authored by Chryssa Atkinson who grew up in California but currently lives in Chicago with her two children, husband, and a dog.  Just like the author, Lindsey comes from the Chicago area where she lives with her family.  She has an older brother named Ethan who owns a bar called Mitzvah and she also owns a brown dog that she named Mr. Tiny because of his short legs.
Lindsey is a good-natured young girl who goes around the neighborhood with her scooter.  Her character seems to be always in trouble and she is not much liked by her classmates in school.  Perhaps it may be due to her adventurous and curious personality.  Nevertheless, she is friends with April even though she thinks of Lindsey as a bit odd.  The Lindsey doll has the classic face mold and her skin color is light.  She has blue eyes and a curly short auburn-brown hair.  Lindsey’s usual outfit is a blue hoodie jacket, green t-shirt with a print “dogs”, striped tights, khaki mini skirt, a pair of red boots, and a hair clip.

The market was not initially receptive of the launch of the first Girl of the Year doll partly because most collectors were used to the historical theme of the American Girl dolls.  This series was introduced with characters that live in modern day America.  The sales for the Lindsey dolls did not pick up so much that it caused the delay of the launching for the next Girl of the Year doll for a year.  However because of this, the Lindsey doll is hard to find in the secondary market.  

Most collectors would also be after for this doll because of its rarity and because it is the first doll introduced for the Girl of the Year series.  The next doll in the series only came out in 2003 with the character named Kailey Hopkins.  Lindsey was also the first Jewish doll character until the launch of the tenth historical doll character Rebecca Rubin in 2009.  Collectors of the American Girl dolls will surely be on the hunt for a Lindsey doll since this has already been retired about a decade ago.

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