Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The American Girl Doll Company’s Founder

Pleasant T. Rowland, a former educator who went into business of publishing education materials founded the Pleasant Company.  The company was established in Middleton, Wisconsin in 1986.  At that time, Pleasant Company had only marketed three dolls which measured 18 inches tall.  The three doll characters that were introduced were from different periods in the American history.  Samantha, Molly, and Kirsten were launched with an interesting storyline behind them.  Each of the girl’s historical background was creatively written on their story book which was a great vehicle to acquaint the children regarding their doll’s character.  The story lines were skillfully set as it introduce some information about the American history.

Initially, the doll characters were only available for purchase through a mail order catalogs.  As the market was introduced to the dolls and their lovely stories, the Pleasant Company introduced five more doll characters after several years of its establishment.  The dolls’ stories were still based on American history spanning from the year 1764 to 1944.  Each doll was appropriately dressed in garments of the period they belong.  The wardrobes were historically accurate including the accessories they use.  Each doll’s clothing and accessory set matches their story line.  

All of their clothing and accessories were crafted with the highest quality materials which practically magnified the popularity of the dolls to both the young and the old doll enthusiasts.  Around the fall of 1997, the company launched its online store.  This further expanded their operations that in 1998, Pleasant Company was acquired by Mattel.  The former owner, Pleasant Rowland, presided as Mattel’s vice president of the board of directors for two years before she separated from the company.
Today, there are around 24 doll characters introduced in the American Girl line and possibly even more.  Two new characters have just been introduced this year and these are Cecile and Marie-Grace.  They are currently introduced as a pair in one story line about their journey in their hometown in New Orleans in the year 1853.  Aside from the pair, the American Girl Doll has special-edition products as well as their collectible mini dolls.

There is more to discover with American Girl’s products especially that it is their 25th anniversary this year.  They have special edition collectibles that are only available for a limited time.  Explore the new mini doll collectibles that also come with their own story books.  There are also a DVD kit and a mini doll display shelf for those collectors who want to complete the special edition mini doll kits.

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