Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cloe – The Sporty Blonde Gal

One of the original Bratz doll characters introduced by MGA Entertainment in May 2001 was Cloe.  She is also called by her nickname Angel because of her sweet and kind nature.  But in the Bratz Rock Angelz, her character was nicknamed Pretty Princess.  Her character is distinguished by her long blonde straight hair, blue eyes, and light skin tone.  Yet just like other Bratz girls, she has already tried other hair colors such as brown and blue.  Her skin tone usually just ranges from pale to tan as her character is of Icelandic heritage.  

Angel likes the color turquoise and her Zodiac sign is Cancer since her birthday is on June 26.  What is interesting about her is that her pet is a pig.  But it is good to know that Cloe is vegetarian and loves banana smoothie for beverage.  But aside from being called Angel, her friend Sasha calls her Drama Mama because she tends to be a drama queen and shrieks out her frustrations.  Despite this, Cloe is a confident, playful, and sporty gal who loves to play soccer.  She is the athletic one in the bunch and she was already seen motorcycling and skateboarding. 

But aside from spending time in sports, she reads books especially mysteries which give her most of the thrill and suspense.  If you are looking for a hyperactive character, Cloe naturally fits the bill.  She is always full of energy perhaps this is why her imagination just runs free.  But the good thing is that her friends keep her grounded especially her boyfriend Cameron.

For music, Cloe loves almost every kind of music as preference changes all the time especially that she is fond of listening the music of the latest new artist in the music scene.  For her fashion style, she likes glittering fabrics and animal prints. She must have a special liking to glitter as she also likes her make up to shimmer and sparkle.  In the television series, Cloe is voiced by Britt McKillip and Olivia Hack.  During the live action movie, her character was played by young actress Skyler Shaye.

In an ordinary day, Angel is seen snapping photos or filming her pals as a hobby.  This also gives us a clue that her character is always full of ideas and really has a creative imagination.  It also proves why her favorite subject in school is the art class.  One can say that she is gifted with the passion for sports and mostly in the field of arts especially in photography and film.

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