Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Yeti’s Daughter – Abbey Bominable

Known as the tough gal in Monster High, Abbey is the sixteen-year old daughter of the Yeti or also known as the Abominable Snowman.  She is an exchange student from the north and is characterized with a confident and fiery persona.  Ironically, she is known for her coldness as she often times cannot determine if people are just joking.  Yet her friends, Frankie and Lagoona, would disagree as she is really fun to be with once you get to know her.  Abbey also lives with the Headless Headmistress Bloodgood during weekdays so she does not keep going home to the north pass some snowy mountains.  It was also the Headmistress’ idea why Abbey came to Monster High for her education.

Abbey wears a crystal necklace on her neck which gives her the right temperature to inhabit in warm places.  She really has a strong character and can be straight forward or tactless most of the times which intimidates the guys.  She also attributes this to the lack of oxygen in high altitude where talking is also considered a waste of precious oxygen.  However, Heath Burns took special notice of her although Abbey just ignores him since she prefers to be asked formally on a date.

For her fashion taste, Abbey wears a pink snow dress with some purple, blue, and black hues making the dress glisten like ice.  The dress is also edged with white fur on the neckline along with long faux fur warmers on both arms and a white furry snow hat.  For accessories, she sports a mismatched pair of earrings where one is colored purple and the other is blue.  Her long straight hair is generally snow white but highlighted with streaks of pink, blue, and purple.  She then carries this black purse around her waist and wears a furry white boots to complete her ensemble.

Abbey also loves sports and she is the captain of the snowboarding team.  Her favorite color is blue and she loves to eat pancakes and cheese of yak.  For her pet, she has a female miniature wooly mammoth which has the same character as her.  This cute white furry mammoth named Shiver is her usual companion.  Perhaps one reason why she is usually misunderstood as a cold and tough character by other monsters is that she is the only other character aside from Ghoulia who speaks another monster language.  She is normally speaks Yetish although she can still speak English but with a thick accent.  

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