Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Care And Maintenance For Reborn Dolls

Reborn and newborn dolls typically need more care than the usual play dolls and collectible dolls.  Some owners of reborn dolls do not just put these creations on a display shelf to store it away from dust and dirt.  Some owners are actually treating them like real babies and so it goes through constant handling and touching from owners.  Perhaps just like a child’s toy doll, reborn dolls usually get the most attention from their owners and are likely to get smudges and dirt all over them.

Just like the delicate and sensitive skin of a real baby, reborn dolls also require extra care and attention.  The maintenance of these dolls should ever be overlooked as it will require a tremendous process of repair should some of its components get damaged.  The number one preventive measure you need to observe if you are acquiring these dolls for your collection is to avoid letting your small children play with it.  There are small parts and components that may be added to these dolls that could easily fall off.  Remember that these are not primarily intended as toy dolls and children might choke on some tiny pieces such as the button on the doll’s dress or even the mohair on the eyebrows.

When handling reborn dolls make sure you do not damage the hair or even pluck them from its holes.  Some dolls have mohair on their eyebrows which can also be easily removed if not handled properly.  Be careful in handling the hands and feet as there are could be realistic nails added onto it that could easily become brittle or break if mishandled.  Do not also leave the doll in too hot or too cold  places.  These dolls are usually made of soft vinyl which could get warm when heated or could melt in high temperatures.  Extreme cold can also make the vinyl brittle and crack over time.  However, a controlled-temperature environment is not necessary at all.

Over time, some of these dolls can get dusty.  These will require light dusting once in a while but avoid using liquid cleaners or polish.  Avoid using alcohol based liquids.  Water can be used with gentle soap for hard to remove dirt but it is even to be used with extra care.  When using water, be sure not to let water enter the eye socket or the holes on the doll head.  Make sure the water does not go into other tiny openings or gaps on the doll parts.  Perhaps use a clean damp cloth to wipe out dirt that cannot be removed by dusting.

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