Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The History Of Reborn Dolls And How It Came To Be

The details and information about the history of reborning is a bit insufficient that there is no concrete evidence on who exactly started this artistry or when it exactly began.  Nevertheless, it is thought to have begun in the late 1980’s when character baby dolls were very popular especially that most of the high quality ones were made of fine porcelain.  Part of its popularity was attributed to the arrival of the Berusa dolls which came from Spain.  These were made of vinyl yet the baby dolls were manufactured with realistic facial features and intricate details on the dolls’ body parts such as the hands, feet, and hair.  The Berusa dolls were made by the master doll artist Jose Berenguer.

The Berusa dolls were primarily sold s toys to young girls but the adults have found special interest with them due to its high quality materials and find artistry.  The materials that were used in the past were mostly porcelain and vinyl but the pains were typically artist oils and stencil creams unlike today’s Genesis heat set paints and air dry acrylics that can last for several lifetimes.  Around the early 1990’s, several newborn or reborn dolls were sold on eBay for doll collectors to acquire.  The realistic appeal of the dolls were widely appreciated by both the young and the adults that its purpose has expanded to the medical field.  Medical professionals and institutions have already started using baby dolls with special features to teach students in their respective medical expertise.

On the artistic arena, a lot of doll artists have found the creation of newborn or reborn dolls to be a great medium of applying their realistic preference on art.  New methods and techniques have developed over time and more doll artists began to mold and sculpt baby doll parts and sold them in kits or by pieces to other reborn doll enthusiasts and artists.  With new materials and innovations available today, these reborn dolls closely resemble a real baby that there have already been several incidents where people thought of these dolls to be real.

There were even reports of collectors getting reprimanded by police officers for not properly seating their child inside the car.  Other incidents involved passers-by smashing a car’s window thinking that an infant was left inside a car to suffocate.  Because of these cases, several doll organizations had made their policies and guidelines about making these dolls.  Since these dolls closely resemble real babies, doll collectors and enthusiasts should bear in mind their ethical responsibility of keeping one.

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