Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Split Personality Of Holt Hyde

Famously known as the 16-year old son of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Holt Hyde also has his own split persona in the character of Jackson Jekyll.  However in the books, Holt was introduced as the grandson of Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.  Nevertheless, the character Jackson takes control from sunrise to sunset while Holt conquers the night as a club DJ.  It seems like Holt does not have any control as to when he transforms into Jackson.  He usually blacks out yet traces of each other’s memory would sometimes overlap.  In the webisodes, the cause of their transformation was attributed to music instead of the time.  Although in the books, it had been said that the transformation is caused by the temperature.

Holt Hyde is characterized with blue skin, hair made of flames, fiery eyes like the sunrise, and a tattoo on his face which is reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s tribal design face tattoo.  Holt also has another tattoo on his back which is a yin yang symbol.  Often times, his temper gets the better of him as he is a bit hot-headed which is made more obvious by his flaming hairdo.  Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde has not also been shown in the episodes as of yet and it is unsure if he resides with the family.  

But in the Monster High books, it was said to be that Holt is already a third generation monster and his father had gone mad due as a result of their monstrous DNA.  His dual personality, however, has not yet been revealed by his mother who is a biochemist.  She only hopes that the chemical that caused this monstrosity would stabilize as passed down through generations.  Moreover, it has been known that Jackson or Holt is Heath Burns’ cousin thus their inclination with fire.  Holt’s is a chameleon named Crossfade and is perhaps Holt’s number one fan when it comes to his music.  

Holt Hyde’s fashion is never without headphones as he is one fiery DJ.  He sports a red leather jacket with black lining and gold stitches which looks similar to Michael Jackson’s jacket in the music video for “Thriller”.  He then accessorizes his black pinstripe pants which has a flame design at the bottom with a yellow belt.  For his shoes, he wears a pair of black Chuck Taylor sneakers with yellow trimmings on it.  Nonetheless, his usual outfit compliments his blue skin.

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