Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Geek-Chic Ghoulia Yelps of Monster High

Ghoulia Yelps is a sixteen-year old shy and bookish daughter of two zombies but she is the smartest girl in Monster High.  She only speaks Zombie language, which is basically groans and moans but, her classmates can always understand her as they have a subject called “Zombie 101”.  Ghoulia has a pale gray skin and light blue hair.  She appears nerdy with her cat-eye glasses with horns on its rim.  She also seems to slouch and even sits or stands in weird posture due to her zombie lineage.  The most distinct characteristic she has is that her eyes does not blink at the same time, instead, it blinks alternately. 

Ghoulia typically wears a striped red-black-white off shoulder top under a camisole with a fishnet arm cover.  Her lower clothing is a red sporty Capri coupled with a black and white belt with a Monster High insignia for its buckle.  She also wears a knee-high boots and accessorize her blue hair with grayish highlights with a green headband then matches it with a zipper design pink earrings.  Her total getup is surely a nerdy-chic look with a taste for fashion.

Despite Ghoulia’s awkward mannerism she can actually write faster and can complete a battery of test in just a few seconds.  For her pet, she owns a blue baby owl which she calls Sir Hoots A Lot but he disliked being a messenger owl for Ghoulia.  She also cannot function without a schedule and hates last minute changes even though she is a slowpoke.  She is friends with Cleo de Nile and they usually plan their schedules in school together.  Nonetheless, Ghoulia is kind-hearted and can always just get along with everybody in Monster High.

For her hobby, Ghoulia loves to read comic books and is a fan of the comic book hero Dead Fast.  She also loves to sketch superheroes and hummingbirds on her notebook.  She even once wore Deadfast’s costume which is made of a black jumpsuit with red edging and the initials DF on the chest.   Her getup came with a tote and a comic book and still matched her look with her favorite horn-rimmed eyeglasses.

And just like any other teenage ghoul who tries to fit in, she used the name Julia Phelps to hide her RAD name.  She also has a crush on Slow-Moe who also seems to be pals with Deuce Gorgon, Heath Burns, and Clawd Wolf.  Ghoulia and Slow-Moe were also seen together in the Justin Biter concert in the episode New Ghoul @ School and in the episode Date of the Dead, they have finally started dating.

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