Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Making Reborn Dolls More Realistic

Reborn doll making has improved over the years since early 1990’s.  The creation of these realistic collectible and lovable toys has now been popular due to reports about people owning them for a more emotional purpose.  However, it could also be said to have becomes infamous with police officers since there have been a few incidences when policemen had to break the car windows to rescue what they had thought as babies left in the car.  But the growth in the number of people who are fascinated by this can just be easily accounted with the number of dolls sold on eBay.  Reborn doll artists and enthusiasts are on the rise as more creations have been put out on the market with several eerily lifelike features.

So aside from just its realistic skin texture and facial features, some reborn dolls are made even more realistic with an infant breathing simulator mechanism inside its weighted body.  Another reborn doll technology that has just been recently introduced is the heart beat simulator.  Such innovations make women who own these dolls fill their emotional longing for a child by giving them a more lifelike feeling when they are around them.  It is really hard to say if these women may need psychological evaluations but some medical professionals believe that these reborn dolls are the best ways of providing ease and comfort for women who are childless or who want to reminisce their feeling of taking care of their children at their infant state.

Some women who owns reborn doll for these purposes know that they are trying to get attached to something that is inanimate.  Yet, the comfort that these dolls bring even through its visual approach is something that these women are willing to pay for.  A good reason why they would prefer having dolls over pets is that they do not really have to be committed to it.  Unlike real babies, they do not have to worry about feeding and changing diapers with these dolls.  These realistic dolls even have saliva bubbles on their mouth and other baby skin features like bumps ad veins.

Despite the feeling of ease from having these inanimate babies, some psychiatrist are just concerned of a few owners who have grown too attached with their dolls that it may not even resolve their real condition such as getting over a loss of a child or perhaps over the frustration of being infertile.  Humans have several ways of coping up with losses and frustrations but the objects of our affection should never be a hindrance for truly gaining control of our emotions.

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