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The Dolls Of Louis Amberg And Son Doll Company

The company started in 1878 in Cincinnati, Ohio as the Hahn and Amberg Company.  In 1893, the company moved their operations to New York.  The doll company initially purchased their bisque dolls from manufacturers in France and Germany.  Later on, they produced their own composition dolls.  In the year 1909, Amberg had been granted the copyright of Lucky Bill which was the first American doll head with a teddy bear body and Louis was recognized as the first craftsman for the design. 
In 1911, the company then changed its name to Louis Amberg & Son and continued to make dolls under this label until the 1930’s when it was sold to E.I. Horsman Company.  But even after it was sold, there are still Amberg doll molds that have been reproduced today.  Nevertheless, it was already recorded that around 600 doll style numbers were advertised by Amberg around the late 1920’s.  The common markings on the dolls around that time ere L A & S or L A & S NY plus the production year for the doll design. 

Here is a list of some popular Louis Amberg & Son dolls:

1)      Mama and Papa Dolls (1903) – These dolls were made of bisque heads and had a closed smiling mouth.  It had glass sleep eyes, mohair or human hair wig, a voice box, and a ball-jointed body.

2)      Angora Dogs (1909) – These are plush animals such as teddy bears and plush dogs.  The plush dolls used Turkish angora fur and the plush dog had pointed nose, long tail, and long facial fur which made it look like a lion plush.

3)      Rompers and Sambo (1909) - These dolls measured 10, 12, or 15 inches tall and could be either black or white character dolls.  These dolls wore an infant romper set and the Sambo doll had an additional straw hat.

4)      Baby Beautiful (1910) – It measured 18 or 23 inches tall and had a cloth body.  These could also be either made as a black or white doll which wore a christening baby gown.  These Baby Beautiful dolls had 75 models in its series and were created by several craftsmen and artists such as Grace Drayton Wiederseim and Jeno Juszko.

5)      Swat Mulligan Mascot (1910) – This composition head doll measured 11 inches or 21 inches tall.  It had cloth limbs and body and had an open mouth, wore a baseball cap, pants, and buttoned gown long sleeve shirt.  It also came with its baseball accessories such as the bat and ball set.

6)      Bully Kiddo Or Skookum Doll (1916) – Amberg also manufactured composition hands and head Skookum dolls with cloth body and felt garments.

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