Wednesday, July 4, 2012

History Of The Berenguer Reborn Dolls

In the arena of realistic newborn baby dolls, Jose Berenguer may have been the found of this doll art.  However, the history of reborning and newborning is just a bit vague that it cannot be directly credit to Berenguer.  But the creations of Jose Berenguer had been well-regarded as exquisite masterpieces that exude life-like qualities.  He was a doll artist and sculptor from Spain who devoted his life into crafting high quality porcelain dolls.  He sculpts these dolls painstakingly to achieve a realistic look.
He started manufacturing dolls in 1944 and continued to still create wonderful dolls until today.  Jose made a name with his creations and these were widely accepted not only in Spain but especially in other countries like the US. In the 1960’s, he handed down the doll making venture to his son Salvador who was already greatly involved in the industry.  Salvador shared the same passion in creating dolls realistically that the same zeal ushered the creation of a more intricate and realistic masterpieces.  The Berenguer dolls were made to closely resemble the features of infants that it had been noticed and appreciated by doll collectors and artists alike.  Salvador Berenguer was also known for this art form that a lot of reborn and newborn artists took inspiration from his creations. 

Salvador Berenguer also introduced the Berusa dolls which were primarily intended to be sold as toys.  However, adults have found these dolls to be loveable because of its realistic cherubic newborn baby features.  These dolls were now made of soft texture vinyl components and mohair that were meticulously rooted on the doll heads.  This innovation to doll making was so popular that more doll makers were shifting their production into creating newborn doll components.  Around the year 2002, the market had widely accepted this art form that more enthusiasts and artists are scouring the internet for materials.

Berenguer was quick to address to this demand that they had created reborn doll kits which artists can purchase to create newborn dolls according to their techniques and preferences.  So aside from Berenguer’s doll collections and special edition dolls, the company caters to the needs of interested doll artists who want to venture into making their own newborn doll.  The internet has also been a great tool for doll manufacturers to market their products that consequently attributed to the surge of enthusiasts and artists who are into the reborn or newborn doll making today.

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