Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reborn Dolls Versus Newborn Dolls

The art of creating reborn and newborn dolls are unarguably the best categories in doll making yet also a bit controversial.  The dolls are masterfully made out of high quality materials made of vinyl and porcelain which make them exquisite collectibles.  The creation of one masterpiece can take weeks or months using different techniques in achieving its realistic appearance and features.  Doll artists who specialize in these two categories are after for those life-like qualities of an infant which require fine details and extreme patience to achieve.

Each reborn or newborn doll artist has their own techniques and crafting skills which make their doll creations unique and one of a kind.  The creation of these dolls can painstakingly take great focus and attention even to the last strand of hair that is rooted to the dolls head.  But what really makes reborn and newborn dolls different is the way they are made.  Although the final product looks just exactly the same, the appearance of an infant, but the difference lies on the way they are crafted in the first place.  The difference between the two is that the process of “reborning”, as from the term itself, involves the process of dismantling an existing or old doll and recreating it into a new doll.  The dismantling encompasses removing the hair, paint, eyes, and other old features of the doll.

On the other hand, “newborning” starts at a barebones package where most doll artists would buy doll parts and assemble them together.  The more prominent newborn doll artists mold their own doll parts and continue the process where it goes through painting, hair rooting, and then dressing.  Interested doll collectors and artists who want to try their hands on creating newborn dolls can easily find and purchase kits online.  From the individual doll parts like the head, limbs, body, hands, arms, eyes, and hair these can easily be ordered online as well as the paints and tools.

There are already several doll artists who mold their doll parts and whom other newborn doll enthusiasts would go to when it comes to their custom needs.  Through customization and individuals techniques in making these newborn dolls, it is definitely true that there are no newborn or even reborn dolls that are alike.  The newborn and reborn dolls can take any shape, race, and facial expression which the artist prefers.  Most of these dolls sometimes get into the headlines since they are thought to be real and sometimes there are other collectors who acquire these for their emotional longing of having a child.  Either way, these creations are truly magnificent and are regarded as exquisite form of art.

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