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The Bisque Dolls Of Kammer and Reinhardt Doll Co.

Established in 1886 in Waltershausen Thuringia Germany, the Kammer and Reinhardt Doll Company was founded by Ernst Kammer and Franz Reinhardt.   The duo designed the dolls body and the bisque heads but most of its other dolls were manufactured by the Simon & Halbig Company since K & R did not have their own porcelain factory.  Thus, most of its dolls have K & R and Simon & Halbigs markings.  Other manufacturers of their bisque doll heads were C. F. Kling & Co. and the Quendt & Schuetzmeister doll company.  In 1902, K & R decided to purchase the Heinrich Handwerck doll company after its founder passed away.  Subsequently in 1920, they also purchased the Simon & Halbig company.
K & R primarily manufactured dolly faced dolls with bisque heads from 1886 to 1909.  Most of their dolls had a composition ball-jointed body or kid body.  These were also made with painted facial features, glass eyes, and open mouth with teeth showing from it.  After the year 1909, the company later manufactured several doll types made of other materials which ranged from bisque, celluloid or composition heads, and wired cloth bodies.  Nevertheless, the company was still popular for its baby or mama dolls.
The dolls did not bear any mold numbers and the dolls that were usually marked K & R which have some numbers on its neck were its size in centimeters.  The bisque socket heads on some dolls also bear the S & H marking.  Here are some of the most popular dolls made by Kammer & Reinhardt:

1)      Child Doll (1880 to 1895) – The dolls measured 5 to 28 inches tall and were made of bisque heads on a ball-jointed wood or composition body.  These had painted feather eyebrows, painted or glass sleep eyes, painted eyelashes, closed or open mouth with teeth showing from it, wigged, and some doll ears were pierced.

2)      My Darling (Mein Leibling) Character Child Doll – These dolls measured 12 to 32 inches tall and were made of composition ball-jointed bodies, bisque doll heads, glass eyes, feathered painted brows, painted lower and upper lashes, and could either have open or closed mouth.

3)      Character Doll (1909)  - These were 12 to 25 inches tall bisque socket or shoulder head dolls with composition body or kid.  The limbs were bent just like babies, either have molded painted hair or wigged, painted or sleep glass eyes, open or closed mouth.

4)      Rosi (1929) – Measures approximately 25 inches and had a biscaloid or biskoline doll head, composition jointed body, glass eyes, wigged, and closed mouth.  It had the markings “Rosi Germany and her size in centimeters”.

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