Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sculpting Tools And Supplies For Reborners

The art of reborning or newborning is a hobby that will need several materials, supplies, and tools to recreate an old doll or completely create a whole new baby doll from a kit.  There are over thousands of suppliers and manufacturers that can provide you doll parts and components as well as sculpting tools and paints.  Those who are interested in starting reborning or newborning as a hobby can just easily order doll kits and tools online.  Yet some of these materials are not always applicable for a doll that you may be working on.

Online stores and doll artists’ websites provide video tutorials and articles that detail the step by step process in the art of making realistic dolls.  Any artist or enthusiast who wants to start his own creation can just simply follow instructions and hone his skills in just several months.  Nevertheless, this hobby will require careful attention to detail and a whole lot of patience to start with.  The first step that each would-be reborner has to know is the tools of the trade.  So here is a list of some common tools and supplies that a would-be doll artist will have to know:

1)      Sculpting Set – These are used to recreate doll parts and components that need repair or minor enhancements.
2)      Acrylic Roller – This is used to roll out and smoothen artist clay which is used to create doll parts and molds.
3)      Palette Knife – It is also used for sculpting, applying paint, or smoothen clay.
4)      Blank Eyes – Used for sculpting sleeping baby dolls.
5)      Clay Match Paints – This is used to match the sculpted clay head with the vinyl limbs.
6)      Oven Thermometer – Those who mold and sculpt their own clay doll parts will need this so that the clay pieces will not get over baked.
7)      Vinyl Trimming Knife – Trims vinyl doll components and parts.
8)      Heat Paints – For long lasting hues, heat paints can last more than a lifetime as it sets on the vinyl or porcelain surface.
9)      Mohair – To create that more realistic look, mohair is still best in achieving a lifelike quality on the dolls.
10)   Rooting Needles – These are needed to set the mohair strands in place.
11)   Mushroom Pin Vise – Holds the rooting needles firmly when setting mohair strands in place.
12)   Realism Supplies – These are the tools of the trade that make these baby dolls more realistic such as baby bubble maker and bubble solution to make realistic saliva bubbles on the baby doll’s lips.

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