Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cloth Body Dolls – Lolly Dolly And Cholly Dolly

The washable cloth dolls named Lolly Dolly and Cholly Dolly were introduced in 1975 by the Fisher Price Company.  The Lolly Dolly was made of pink gingham with pink mop cap lined with white lace and a romper for its outfit.  Its hair was made of yellow orange yarn peeking from the middle of its mop cap.  Its eyes were made of blue leather buttons while its nose and mouth were embroidered with simple stitches.

On the other hand, the Cholly Dolly was made of blue gingham.  He was created as Lolly’s brother and the doll wore a blue vest with white collar.  This was created by Fisher Price in support of the idea of providing dolls for young boys as recommended by psychologists in that era.  Cholly’ yellow orange hair still peeped from its blue baseball cap.  Cholly’s eyes and other facial stitching were still similar to Lolly’s.

Both dolls were popular with young children especially for babies since the dolls have a rattle inside its body.  Babies were also fond of biting the dolls and eventually these were more of a teething object for them.  Yet the good thing about these dolls is that it can easily be washed and cleaned.  The dolls measured 12 inches tall and had different tags on them.  Lolly had the markings #420 1975 while Cholly had #419 1977.  The production of these dolls were still continued until the 1980’s and were popularly known as infant dolls due to its soft body texture and its reputation as a teething object.

The soft and comforting doll body of the Lolly Doll made it perfect for babies and toddlers to cuddle during bedtime.  However, the production of these dolls were ceased but there was no exact year as to when Fisher Price really stopped its manufacture for the cloth dolls.  Doll experts would assume that these were manufactured for approximately a decade.  Nonetheless, a lot of children have grown to love the cuddly soft cloth dolls.  People who have grown up to have these dolls still carry the memories of their beloved Lolly Dolly and Cholly Dolly.

At present, auction sites like eBay have these dolls on their sites and their prices range from $20 to $30.  These are still significantly affordable and some still look like they have never been used.  Several collectors think that if these dolls were to be reintroduced by Fisher Price, it will surely have a strong base of old and new generation fans.

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