Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Girl Of The Year Doll For 2009

The American Girl Doll Company released the seventh addition to the “Girl of The Year” doll collection in 2009.  She was named Chrissa Marie Maxwell whose nickname is Chrissy.  She lives with her family and after her grandfather passed away, they have moved from Iowa to Edgewater, Minnesota where her grandmother Nana lives.  She has an older brother named Tyler who is just eleven months older than her and a science enthusiast.  Chrissy’s mother Meg is a doctor while his father Paul is the business owner of Maxwell Pottery. 
Her grandmother is into raising mini llamas which she uses its fur for yarn.  They even named their pet mini llamas as Checkers, Cosmos, and Starburst.  The paperback books that were both written by Mary Casanova depicted Chrissy as an athletic young girl who loves diving, swimming, and knitting.  Her books were entitled “Chrissa” and “Chrissa Stands Strong”.  Chrissy was also the first doll to have a movie made for her which has the same title as her second book.  Furthermore, she is the first Girl of the Year doll to have companion dolls.  The two dolls were Chrissa’s friends and they were Gwen Thompson and Sonali Matthews wherein each of the dolls had a book entitled “Friends”.
The Chrissy doll’s face mold took the pattern of the Josefina mold which is also the mold that was used by her predecessor Marisol Luna.  The Chrissy doll skin was light and she has a straight brown shoulder length hair.  Her pair of light blue eyes softens her look.  She is also usually seen in her typical pink dress with purple flats outfit.
For the Chrissa collection, the doll’s outfit and accessories include:
1)      Party Treats
2)      Party Table
3)      Pet Llama
4)      Snow Gear
5)      Craft Studio
6)      Warm-Up Set
7)      Swim Team Gear
8)      Pajamas
9)      Snow Outfit
10)   Sundress
Her starter collection came with a doll stand, the Chrissa doll, two paperback books, swim team gear, sundress, play and display stand, and a pet llama which can be purchases for $178 during its launch.  However, Chrissa did not have an entire collection set created for her just like her predecessors’ Whole World Collection.  Despite this, Chrissa’s friend collection and movie made a big difference in the Girl of the Year series since doll collectors have more doll characters to link to her.  People were also fascinated by the story line in the books and how its plot differs from the movie that was made.

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