Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hair Rooting For Reborn Dolls

Reborn dolls are designed to achieve life-like appearance.  The method of reborning involves the recreation of a baby doll by cleaning and stripping it off of its old paint, stains, and damaged hair.  Typically the reborn dolls are created to realistically resemble an infant.  Yet one of the most challenging components to repair and redo is the doll’s hair.  Even micro-rooting an unwigged newborn doll head takes a long time to accomplish as each hair strand has to be individually set.
So if you are repairing or customizing the hair on your reborn infant doll, here are some essential steps for doll hair rooting:

1)      For damaged painted hair, non-acetone based nail polish remover can be used to remove the hair paint.  Dolls with existing hair should need extra attention as you need to remove each strand from the holes where these are currently rooted.  Wash the doll head with water and gentle soap to remove stains.  But for doll heads that you cannot easily remove to dry separately, use clean cloth to wipe the dirt and stains.

2)      The next step is to us sand paper to smoothen the surface of the doll’s head.  You may sand it down under water to avoid vinyl dust from flying all over.  Be careful not to get water into the eye socket or even inside the head if it cannot be separately removed to dry out.
3)      Drill or poke holes into doll heads that were made originally with painted hair.  If you want to customize the doll head with mohair make sure that you can easily put some tiny holes into the doll head.  Some use a heated needle to melt holes into the head.
4)      Now you can begin to place each strand into the hole and start from the middle and move all the way out in a circular pattern according to your desired hair style. 
5)      Use a felting needle to stick the mohair into the hole by sticking it through several times until it stays in place.  Then you can set the hair into the direction you want.
6)      Once you have already rooted the desired number of hair strands and set the hair into the direction you want, you may then proceed to trim the hair according to the style you have in mind.

Rooting the doll’s hair is one of the most important steps in attaining a realistic look on a reborn or newborn doll.  This process really takes time to complete and will require great patience.  After the hair has been rooted, you will appreciate how this creative process can add that lifelike quality on your doll.

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