Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Daughter Of Ghosts – Spectra Vondergeist

Also known as the Ghost Girl and Spectra Von Hauntington, Spectra Vondergeist is the sixteen-year old daughter of ghosts.  Not much is really known about her parents but her last name “von der geist” is German for ghost or spirit.  However, it was also hinted in her diary that the stories she tells about herself and the history of her family were just imaginatively created by her.  Perhaps, this is to cover the tragic truth of what happened to her family.  Yet, Spectra is often times seen with her pet Rhuen which is a mischievous purple ghost ferret.  Rhuen is also friends with Sir Hoots A lot and Shiver who are Ghoulia Yelps and Abbey Bominable’s pets respectively.

She also has this striking personality but she always jump into conclusions.  She is often regarded as making up stories about her real origins which makes her a great candidate as a writer for a gossip column.  She is also seen in several episodes spying on other characters.  Her infamous hands that also goes through walls are also usually seen snapping photos of Monster High’s RAD characters especially during crucial moments of their lives in school such as when Slow-Moe disapproved of Heath Burns’ singing.  This is why most ghouls in Monster High think that she might be the one behind the school’s paper advice column called the “Oh My Oracle”.  

Spectra is also characterized as a gal with pale skin and a long violet straight hair with some thin streaks of light purple.  She also matches her hair color with a purple lipstick.  For her basic dress, she wears a silk black sleeveless dress accentuated with a chain belt.  Her shoes are also purple with chains on it.  Her love for silk and chains have made people believe that she might be related to Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” character name Jacob Marley.  Nonetheless, the name Spectra which comes from the word spectre also means ghost.  Thus, her see-through fingers would not be any surprise.

Although her character was initially known as the Ghost Girl or Spectra Von Hauntington, Spectra first appeared in the Monster High episode entitled Miss Infearmation.  It was also only on May 13, 2011 that Spectra, along with Abbey, was officially launched by Mattel on their Facebook page.  Yet the first Spectra product which appeared online was a plush Spectra von Hauntington doll that was listed on Amazon on November 17, 2010.

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