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The Bisque Head Dolls Of Bruno Schmidt

The company was originally founded by partners Hugo Geisler and Bruno Schmidt in 1898 in Walterhausen, Germany and was initially named H. Geisler and Co.  However, the business changed its name to Bruno Schmidt Company when Geisler left the business by the early 1900’s.  The dolls created by Bruno Schmidt were made of high quality materials.  The bisque head dolls were finely made by another company named Bahr and Proschild. 
The Bahr and Proschild company was a porcelain doll factory that was established in 1871 in Ohrdruf Germany.  It was founded by George Bahr and August Proschild and they had exclusively supplied Bruno Schmidt with bisque doll heads.  The company’s first registered doll mold was approved in 1888 and this was also the time that they have added a “DEP” mark on their dolls aside from only having a doll mold number.  In 1895, the marking “B & P” was added until a crossed swords mark was later on stamped on this in the 1900.  By 1911, Bahr and Proschild registered the “Buporit” trademark but the company was subsequently acquired by Bruno Schmidt Company in 1919.
The dolls around this time already had the markings BSW inside a heart plus the B & P markings of the crossed swords and then the mold numbers.  The mold numbers were in two sets: a three digit number for B & P and then a four digit number for Bruno Schmidt that begins with the number 2.  One of its best selling doll molds was the Tommy Tucker doll which had mold numbers 2048, 2081, and 2096.  Another popular doll that it had introduced was the Wendy doll which had the mold number 2033.
Bruno Schmidt did not only make bisque head dolls but they also manufactured dolls made of other materials such as celluloid.  However, the typical description of the Bruno Schmidt dolls is that the dolls did not have a satin and silky smooth texture but were made of good quality.  Most Bruno Schmidt child dolls measured 16 to 32 inches while the character dolls measured 12 to 24 inches tall.

Aside from Tommy Tucker and Wendy, here are some dolls manufactured by the company:

1)      Character Doll – These dolls were made of bisque socket head, jointed composition body, painted molded hair or wigged, glass or painted eyes, and open or closed mouth.

2)      Dolly Face – The dolls had bisque socket heads with jointed composition body.  The dolls also sported mohair wigs, open mouth, and had glass eyes.  It had the markings BSW with mold number 2154.

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