Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Freshwater Monster – Gillington Webber

Popularly known by his nickname Gil, Gillington Webber is a sensitive and considerate jock who wears an aquanaut headgear around his head when on land.  The headgear is filled with water where you can see bubbles in it as he breathes.  He is also the son of fresh-water monsters who disapproved of his relationship with Lagoona Blue because of her sea-water lineage.  Gil is also part of the swim team and is also friends with Heath Burns, Deuce Gorgon, and Slow-Moe.  He was first seen in the episode “Blue Lagoona” where he was introduced as Lagoona’s crush.

In the episode entitled “Hatch Me If You Can”, he was paired with Lagoona for a school activity wherein they were taught how to take be good parents by taking care of an egg.  They were the only couple who had successfully hatched the egg which proved that they can be good parents in the future.  However in the episode entitled “Don’t Cheer the Reaper”, Gil began avoiding Lagoona due to his parents’ command.  Lagoona soon mustered the courage to confront him which prompted him to reveal the truth about his parents’ disapproval of him hanging out with her.  Gil then left Lagoona crying as he walked away.

The two had only started to reconcile during the episodes “Queen of the Scammed” and “HooDoo You Like?” where Gil lied to Lagoona that his parents have already approved of their relationship.  He only did this to be closer to Lagoona and so as not to hurt her anymore.  They were then seen holding hands when they won the award during a swim meet in “Fear Pressure”.  Yet in the episode “Desperate Hours”, Lagoona confronted Gil once again and this time for the lie he told her.  Gil summoned the courage to tell his parents what he thinks about saltwater beings like Lagoona and that he will continue hanging out with her even if they disapprove it.

Finally in the episode entitled “Miss Infearmation”, he was last seen being asked by Lagoona to stay with her during summer as they hugged each other.  Perhaps, some would consider Gil as a minor character which can be easily forgotten.  However just like Slow-Moe, he can still reappear in new episodes along with the main characters of Monster High.  Gil still makes a wonderful partner for Lagoona Blue as he is one of the most charming and enigmatic characters in Monster High.  Fans of the series are just waiting for a Gil Webber doll to be launched.

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