Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Monica Doll Studio Of Mrs. Hansi Share

Mrs. Hansi Share established the Monica Doll Studio in Hollywood California in 1941.  Mrs. Share wanted to create dolls that have rooted hair so that children can easily play with them without worrying of breaking it.  So she produced a rooted hair doll using human hair onto a cement composite doll head.  She never liked the glued on wig on the doll head.  The first doll she created was named Monica, thus Mrs. Share was the only one to have manufactured a hard plastic or composition doll with rooted hair.

She patterned the doll’s facial features after the Hollywood actors of their era.  The dolls had pouty closed lips and feather eyebrows.  The doll’s body were also leaner and longer compared to the other dolls made by doll manufacturers of that time.  Soon enough, other doll characters followed such as Veronica, Joan, and Rosalind.  The first batch of these dolls with cloth bodies measured 21 and 24 inches tall.  

Later, other sizes were offered such as the 11-inch, 17-inch, and 21-inch tall dolls with a new composition doll body.  The composition doll bodies were created from 1941 to 1948.  The doll’s head and body were usually unmarked but the markings could be found on their original packaging.  A paper hang tag was also included with these dolls which had a print “Monica Doll Hollywood”. 
Most of these dolls were sold in upper class department stores such as the Nieman Marcus and F.A.O Schwarz.  The all composition Monica dolls was fully jointed with its scalp rooted with human hair.  Thus, children can have fun brushing the Monica doll heads without detaching it from its head.  The dolls also had painted eyes, closed mouth, and painted facial features.  These dolls were also dressed in elaborate outfits usually with styles fitting for that era.  Some dolls also had a widow’s peak hairstyle and some came with bows on their hair.

Another doll was also introduced in 1949 and her name was Marion.  The Marion doll had the same design as the rest of the Monica doll lines and she was already made of all hard plastic with sleep eyes.  Nevertheless, she still had that rooted hair design patent with painted facial features and sleep eyes.  At present, collectors will have to scour the internet and doll conventions for these rare doll pieces.  Since the Monica dolls were already considered expensive when these were first launched, the value of these dolls could really soar over time especially due to its rarity.

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