Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Sea Monster’s Daughter Lagoona Blue

Her family obviously loves the water but Lagoona Blue is a transfer student from “Down Under”, which was basically referred to as the sea.  Yet being from “Down Under” also gave her this sweet Australian accent which complements her easy-going laid back character.  Being the daughter of a sea monster and an ocean nymph, her parents live in a beach house with her mother’s grotto back in Australia.  She is also the first mixed monster in the series.  As an ocean nymph, her mother has to stay close to her grotto as she grows weak by the distance.  

Lagoona Blue has a pale blue skin with some freckles on it and her eyes are green.  Her hair is blonde with some aqua-green highlights on it which was caused by the school pool’s chlorinated water.  She naturally spends so much time in the water as she is also the captain of the swim team.  She is also characterized with fins on her claves, ears, and forearms while the fins on her fingers are web-like.  She also frequently slather lotion on her skin to prevent it from drying up.  Her easy-going personality makes her everyone’s friend only except Toralei who is known for her bad attitude.  

It is also not hard to notice Lagoona as she is taller than most monsters in school and she usually accents her long curly hair with a pink flower.  She also wears a set of pink fishbone earrings and a blue hoodie with printed with scales.  She has a pet piranha named Neptuna which she carries around with her in a fishbowl which she considers as a purse.  Draculaura, also known as “Lala”, is often seen with her.  When she was around with the Normies, Lagoona was known by the name Blue.  To hide her monster characteristics from the normal people, she wears baggie pants and gloves.  This hides her leg fins and webbed hands from drawing attention.

Lagoona’s love interest is Gil whose parents initially had some issues with their friendship.  Gil’s parents discouraged him from being with her since she is of the ocean lineage while they are from fresh water.  However, this did not hinder their relationship as Gil stood up for himself.  Nonetheless, Lagoona is not hard to like because of her friendly and compassionate nature.  This is also the reason why animals love her especially that she can talk to amphibians such as frogs.

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