Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Hard Plastic And Vinyl Dolls Of Allied Imported Doll Company

The Allied Imported Doll Company had been known for its other company names such as the Allied Imported, Allied Doll Company, Allied Eastern Doll Company, Allied Doll & Toy Company, and Allied Grand Doll Manufacturing Incorporated.  The company was established in 1918 in Brooklyn, New York.  They mass-produced dolls and doll parts which they supplied to other doll makers such as Deluxe Reading.  Allied Doll Company was mainly known for its vinyl dolls although they have also produced doll made of composition materials.  Some would consider the doll markings AE which are found on other doll manufacturers’ doll heads and bodies to have been made by Allied Doll Company or perhaps its subsidiaries.
Here are some of Allied Doll Company’s popular mass-produced dolls:

1)      Jackie Robinson (1940’s) – This 13-inch composition doll was fully-jointed with molded painted hair and painted eyes and facial features.  The doll also wore a white Dodgers baseball uniform with a blue baseball cap marked with the letter D.  It also has a wooden baseball bat, ball, vinyl black shoes with blue socks, and a hang tag patterned after a baseball mitt.

2)      Child Dolls (1950’s) – These dolls had a vinyl body with side glancing eyes and molded hair topped with a bow.

3)      Patti Playpal Doll (1960’s) – This 36-inch hard plastic doll had a fully-jointed body with a soft vinyl head.  Its hair was rooted and it has sleep eyes, painted brows and other facial features, and a closed mouth.

4)      Fashion Dolls (1960’s) – These fashion dolls’ vary in sizes such as 15, 18, 21, 24, and 28 inches.  These were patterned after a Revlon type doll and were made of hard plastic adult type jointed body.  The doll head was made of vinyl with rooted hair.  The doll also had sleep eyes, high-heeled feet, and real eyelashes.  The doll’s body was marked with KT and Made by Allied Doll Co. or marked with AE 2005 or AE 2006.

5)      Bonnie Miss (1960’s) – This doll was made of hard plastic with a vinyl doll head rooted with hair.  It measured 18 inches tall and had pierced ears, high-heeled fee, and closed mouth.  Its marking on the back was R 20010.

6)      Hello Dolly (1960 to 1961) – The doll had a jointed plastic body, vinyl head, blonde rooted hair, painted facial features, and stood11.5 inches tall.

7)      Shirley Temple Facial Features Doll (1960’s) – The doll measured 19 inches tall made of hard plastic body and rooted hair on its vinyl doll head.  It had sleep eyes, opened smiling mouth with dimples on the cheeks, and was marked AE on its neck.

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