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The Fabulous French H-Dolls Of Aristide Halopeau

Aristide Marcelling Halopeau was the famous maker of the exquisite dolls with the H mold.  These are considered as the rarest and exceptional dolls by most collectors since he only made dolls up until 1889.  Halopeau started his doll company when he bought Eugene Barrois doll manufacturing business in 1875.  The first H mold Bebe doll was only introduced in the year 1882.  The Halopeau dolls were of the highest quality and the dolls’ heads and bodies were made from the finest materials.  For doll collectors, a Halopeau bebe doll is considered the finest and one of the most expensive.  So for collectors who might want to acquire an H doll, you will need a good amount of money to purchase one.  

The H-dolls were known for its markings on the head.  The H block letter is impressed on its head after the doll’s size number.  Here are the common sizes for Halopeau’s dolls:
1)      16 inches – Size 0
2)      18 inches – Size 1
3)      20 inches – Size 2
4)      22 inches – Size 3
5)      24 inches – Size 4
6)      27 inches – Size 5
What made the dolls unique is that these were pressed and not poured porcelain.  It was only after 1890 that doll makers started to use the technique of pouring the porcelain into doll molds.  The dolls bodies and heads were made of fine quality bisque although some dolls were also made of wood.  Most of the H-dolls were Jumeau jointed composition body, had straight paperweight sleep eyes with black and red dots on the corner of the eyes.  

The paperweight eyes also look delicate and beautiful which tells you that the H-dolls were made with much attention to details.  The upper sections of the doll’s eyebrows were painted with lighter feathery shade than the inner section.  The dolls lower and upper lashes were also painted.  The dolls could also have either human or mohair wig while the lips are closed and outlined lightly with a darker shade of color.  The cheeks were blushed aptly and a light blush was also added on the doll’s chin.

Another distinguishable characteristic of an H-doll is paint on the dolls’ nostrils.  The same paint used on the lips was also applied on the nostrils of some dolls.  Some dolls’ ears were also pierced yet one thing was for sure, all dolls wore elegant period dresses and accessories.  Starting a collection of H-dolls is one of the most expensive hobbies that you one can start.  It may take you time to look for an H-doll due to its rarity.  Just to give you an idea of how much an H bebe doll will cost, take the case of the 24-inch tall blonde Halopeau bebe that got sold at Morphy Auctions for $109,250 on May 17, 2008.

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