Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Sporty Zombie Boy – Slow-Moe

There is really not much about Slow-Moe as of the moment due to the limited scenes in episodes where he can be seen and he is fairly a new character in Monster High.  Nonetheless, Slow-Moe is a tall zombie who loves playing chess and “casketcall” (basketball).  Although he has not been seen playing it yet, there were hints that he was in the casketcall team when it was mentioned on Ghoulia’s diary about a tall zombie hunk in the basketball team.  There was also a photo of him next to a basketball trophy and his basic wardrobe wearing a varsity jacket are some indications that he may really play basketball despites zombies being known as slowpokes.
Slow-Moe had also been seen in wandering into space or just standing motionless at times.  He also moans and groans which is typical of a zombie yet he really has a charming persona.  But one think he really disliked was the time when he was forced into acting as Lagoona’s aunt, Great-Aunt Lantic in the episode entitled Parent-Creature Conference.  Despite stereotyped as a high school jock, his real persona is a smart chess player who represents Monster High during a City Championship chess match. 
Slow-Moe is also often seen with his pals Gillington “Gil” Webber and Heath Burns.  Ghoulia Yelps also has a crush on him which was revealed during the episode entitled Cyrano de Ghoulia.  The title also takes reference to an old play in 1897 which is entitled Cyrano de Bergerac.  The play portrayed the story of an ugly man who coaches an attractive proxy to woo a beautiful lady.  By the next episode entitled “Date of the Dead”, Slow-Moe and Ghoulia had finally gotten to know each other wherein Slow-Moe was shown to have reciprocated Ghoulia’s interest in him.
Other episodes where he appeared are:
1)       Fear-A-Mid Power -  Slow-Moe can be seen here being disturbed by the Fearleading Squad team during a match of chess.
2)      Varsity Boos – He was shown here to be dancing with Ghoulia Yelps as a couple.
3)      Screech to the Beach – This is when he punched Heath Burns’ guitar due to his poor vocals where a spying Spectra can snapped a photo of Heath’s reaction.
4)      Don’t Cheer the Reaper – The scene was at a beach where he was hit by a football on his chest when he was not quick enough to respond to Heath’s throw.
5)      Miss Infearmation – He was seen here with Clawd’s gym sock on his head after Clawdeen threw it.
6)      Hyde and Shriek – There was a scene here at Cleo de Nile’s party where he took a second-round punch on Heath’s guitar.

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