Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The DVD Collection For The AG Dolls

The back stories of some of the American Girl dolls not just shared in their paperback books.  There adventures and colorful life stories come into action with their special edition DVD kits.  Even though not all doll characters have their own movies, some archived doll characters’ life stories are still available on paperback books.  Nevertheless, the movies are inspired by the stories in the books although there may be some slight differences that the movies did not adapt.  Some minor changes have been done to aptly fit the younger audience.  Here are the movies created for the doll characters:
1)      Kit Kittredge – The lead character was played by Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin.  The story takes you to her family’s challenges when they went from rich to poor after her father’s business went bankrupt.  To avoid losing the family’s house, they had to accept boarders and have some money for their daily expenses.  However, her dilemma started when someone stole their money and his friend, Will, is the primary suspect of the crime.  This led to Kit’s own investigation on who really stole the money.
2)      Molly (An American Girl on the Home Front) – The story depicts Molly McIntire’s challenges during the World War II wherein her father cares for fallen soldiers overseas while her mother works at a local an assembly factory for an aircraft company.  It also introduces the character named Emily who came from London to live with Molly’s family in order to escape the bombing that happened in their hometown.
3)      Samantha (An American Girl Holiday) – The movie is about Samantha Parkington’s meeting with Nellie O’Malley whom she will become best friends with.  The story has been set during the holiday season in 1904.
4)      Felicity (An American Girl Adventure) – The story in the movie is about the characters Felicity Merriman and Elizabeth Cole’s adventure in Virginia during the American Revolution.  Take the journey on how the friends stay intact while their families belong to the opposite sides of the revolution.
5)      An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong – This is the first movie made for a “Girl of the Year” doll character which is set in modern day.  It explores Chrissa’s school life of being bullied by the “Mean Bees” and how she handles the situation.
6)      Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – This audio cd contains twelve tracks from New Line Records with songs from the 1930s.

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