Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Micro-rooting Reborn Doll’s Hair

Adding hair to a reborn doll is one of the most essential procedures in reborning or newborning in order to achieve that realistic look.  There are two ways that you can add hair to the doll.  The easiest and the simplest method is to use a wig on the doll and cover some areas on the head with a hat or headband.  The second method is micro-rooting which is the terminology used to describe the process of rooting mohair strands into the doll head.  This is the method that achieves the  most incredible and realistic results.  Nevertheless, it requires meticulous setting and styling strand by strand.

So here are just some important tips to make micro-rooting less cumbersome:
1)      It is recommended to make the baby doll head war as it would be easier and softer to root the strands using the needle.  To achieve a warm doll head, use a hair dryer or place the doll head in an oven.  The latter method would need extra care in controlling the temperature of the oven.  When using a blow dyer, just directly aim it on the doll head until it is warm to the touch.  You will have to regularly do this as the other sections of the head will cool down as  you root the strands.
2)      To attain that best look on the doll head, use 2 closely similar hues of mohair.  Evenly root the 2 shades on the doll heads with equal numbers.                            
3)      Start rooting the hair at the crown and move outwards as you set the strands realistically.  That means it should not be set in a straight line of strands.  The middle section of the hair will typically look circular.  Nonetheless, there are some artists who start rooting the hair at the front of the head and work their way upward.  Whatever is comfortable for you will apply but remember to make it realistically angled.  The baby’s hair is also often sparse so remember not to overcrowd a section.
4)      Even though you have already set the strands, you may still remove strands from areas that are too thick or crowded.  Once you are already satisfied with the placement of the hair, you can now apply glue on the holes where the strands go in.  Just turn the head over and then use a paintbrush to evenly apply the glue around the holes.  However, you cannot just use any glue to do this.  Use special glue made especially to hold mohair on vinyl surfaces.

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