Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jade – It’s All About The Cats

The original four Bratz characters introduced by MGA Entertainment include Jade which is also one of the main characters in the Bratz television series.  In the 2007 live action movie made for the Bratz, she was one of the lead characters among her other original Bratz friends.  Her character was played by Janel Parrish while in the television series, Soleil Moon Frye and Brittney Irvin lent their voices for the character.  Jade is also called by her nickname “Kool Kat” and her pet cat named Mica has a special place in her heart.

Jade’s character is Japanese and her eye colors vary from green or brown.  She typically has black hair although she is also seen in the shades of brown, blue, and silver.  Her skin tone is on the lighter shade although this was also seen in the shades of pale and tan.  Jade’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she likes the color green.  Her favorite movies are exquisite foreign films and yet she is into reading fashion magazines rather than books.  Because of her Japanese lineage, her favorite foods are sushi, cookies, and cherry ice cream.  For her beverage, she likes sipping on strawberry smoothie.

Her kind of music is the funky and ska type that is why she likes to listen to the music of Gwen Stefani.  She really has fondness on everything that is cool and fashionable and so she usually visits clothing shops with the newest and hippest trends available.  Her friends find her as the ultimate fashion chick who has a great sense of adventure and humor.  She is always seen hanging around with her friends and her friends always love her company because she does not take herself too seriously.
Nonetheless, Jade is also serious about her studies as she is one of the smart ones in school.  Her favorite subject is chemistry where she is seen in the laboratory having fun mixing elements.  Aside from her intellectual gift, Jade is still athletic and that is why she does cheerleading with her friend Cloe.  But her love life is never left out as there were several Bratz Boys that were linked to her especially Iden (Prince), Dylan (The Fox), and Koby (The Panther).  So if you are looking for a smart and athletic character in one package, Jade is your type of gal.  She is the fashionista that is not afraid to try new styles and still have fun with it.  

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